The Profilite series was designed to allow you to offer a full custom linear solution without the hassle of manufacturing. Precision is important to us so we created the Profilite to give perfect end to end light in all of the variations. Thanks to the integration of linear LED’s, Profilite has exceptionally high efficiency and constant light color with a uniform and impressive appearance. The use of a multi layer system allows for a full system solution with minimum stocking requirements. Profilite is the only linear system you will need for all of your projects from now on.


  • Simple installation of module into profile with clip system

  • High color rendering index CRI > 80

  • Color temperatures 3,000K and 4000K

  • Module dimension 1440 mm (Zhaga matched lengths)

  • Perfectly uniform light, even if several modules are used together in a line

  • Quick connector terminals for quick and simple wiring of LED module to LED module

  • As much as 10 meters running length on single power connection


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