As a second-generation lighting company, Technolite is a personal journey for us

Light gets us charged about what we do and fuels our passion. We realized long ago that how our products make people feel, is just as important as the products we make

For our clients, it means finding a partner that is excited about every product and every project that is embarked upon together. Our skills, passion and pride are represented in every product and process in our company

We created Technolite to be different than other lighting brands

We built our company to stand out, designing products with a philosophy of innovation, attention to details, and exceptional value. We start from the top and perfect even the smallest of details right through the ease of installation and packaging choices

The lighting world is full of mediocre “me too” brands. It’s hard to find a brand that shares your passion and understands the importance of designing functional products that will blend seamlessly into every day surroundings

If you recognize the importance of appealing design and high-quality products, and search for a brand that delivers excellent performance with the precision you expect, Technolite is the ideal choice for you

We look forward to working together with you

Jeremy Hauser

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