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The source of our passion

As a second-generation lighting company, Technolite is a personal journey for us. Light gets us charged about what we do and fuels our passion. We realized long ago that how our products make people feel, is just as important as the products we make.

For our clients, it means finding a partner that is excited about every product and every project that is embarked upon together. Our skills, passion and pride are represented in every product and process in our company. 

We created Technolite to be different than other lighting brands. We built our company to stand out, designing products with a philosophy of innovation, attention to details, and exceptional value. We start from the top and perfect even the smallest of details right through the ease of installation and packaging choices.

Our Product’s Advantages

We design, create and improve lighting products to inspire better lit spaces and new possibilities.

Development & Design

Our development process is rooted in the idea that our finished products must exceed our clients demands. Our inspiration comes from everywhere both within and without the lighting industry. We begin our designs with a simple sketch and use a combination of development techniques and technologies en route to a perfect product that we are proud to introduce to you


The integration of LED technology into lighting applications has created a new paradigm of lighting design. We constantly integrate the newest technologies into our products and design our products to benefit from the latest advancements. As we design our products, we make sure to keep in mind the true total cost of the product for our customers, and think about installation, lighting control, maintenance, power usage and replacement costs in addition to the cost of our product.

QC Driven Manufacturing

The manufacturing process is a clear extension of our quality control department. Each component is tested rigorously to meet the highest standards. When the assembly of a product is completed, we make sure that our products don’t have a weakest link. We have a great warranty program, but we make sure you don’t have to use it.

Our Partners

We have expanded our network of clients to include countries on six continents. While we see many overlaps in the needs and requests from our clients, we also know that each client is different. Our team perfectly tailors our approach and services to each of our clients throughout the world. Come challenge us to meet your needs.

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