This uplight wall lamp offers high lumen outputs from a beautiful luminaire. By integrating linear LED modules into an aluminium body, the Veep offers as much as 2800 lumens of light output.The 90 degree angle coupled with laser cut corners, makes this lamp seamless with an absolutely flawless paint finish.Available in two sizes and in four different lumen packages, the Veep series will offer just the right amount of light for your space. We understand the importance of simple lighting control in a home environment, so we made the Veep series available in Triac dimming versions. Once again, fulfilling our vision of creating functional designer products


  • Linear open design enables highly efficient lumen output

  • OSRAM LED linear modules protected behind prismatic glass

  • Unique L shaped body creates balanced look

  • Driver incorporated into lamp body

  • Body colors available in RAL finishes


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